June 1, 2006


My 1st RCT!...and oh yes- I love fudging!

I finished downloading the "James Blunt: Back to Bedlam" album yesterday....frikking awesome.
Theres a neat page which allows has .rar links to individual songs (nifty if you cant down the album in 1 large file)...try them if you like.

Tear & Rain
So Long Jimmy
Out Of My Mind
No Bravery

...My favourites songs from the album (in decending order).

...Theres Cultural Week coming up in GDC, and i plan to participate in a whole lotta events.
I'm gonna try the DDos strategy...swarm the server and you might bring it down...participate in as many events as you can (with a reasonable level of competence, of course)..and you might land a few certificates. I might as well make the most of the last 2 years of life as an undergrad.

I did my VERY FIRST RCT (RootCanalTherapy/Treatment) today...its really easy!!! I was expecting a tough-as-hell procedure.... but my patient actually dozed off! If the guy was actually relaxed enough to doze off, inspite of a handpiece drilling away into his tooth right in front of his eyes, then altough it might sound stoopid, but i'm considering it a high compliment. Whoopee! Tomorrow i determining the working-length of the canal, and will do the bio-mechanical-prep.

In another news, i wrote my 1st Internal Examination of Oral Surgery- an exam invigilated by the PostGraduate-freshers of the MaxFax dept.....just 1 year senior to us and just learning their way around GDC. We walked all over them...

There was a collective sigh of relief when the faculty-member gave us the question-paper and then left, leaving the pappu's in charge...3 of them. Right away i pulled out my notes and started checking out what i didn't know. The best that one of them (the "principled-turd" of the 3, i've decided) could come up was "Put your book away!- Ask around, but at the very least dont cheat from THE BOOK!!!". So i put it away- for some time. Later, i was passed a chit that had the Classification of Cysts on it, when he came up behind me and took it away. Moja-Farjer! In my mind a giant hand opened the 2nd floor window and gently flicked him through it. The other 2 guys were OK, and gave us all "aww-okay-we've-done-it-too-and-we-sympathise-so-cheat-away-besides-we're-new-here-and-we-dont-want-to-be-marked-out-as-bastards-by-the-student-community-just-yet" smiles. We returned "thanks-for-letting-us-cheat-dudes-and-we-know-you-need-us-on-your-sides-so-dont-throw-your-weight-around-understand-and-we'll-be-all-right-chum" smiles right back at them.

I think i'll pass, thanks to them, unless they cross-check my paper with what the guy next to me wrote, hehe!
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