September 13, 2009

Haiku Post - Painful pedestrians

How many times have you had to slam on the brakes just because someone crossed the road like an idiot, in the middle of heavy-traffic...more often then not  - it's a lady -  too embarassed to run in public, but thick-skinned enough to want to cross whereever.

And the worst bit is that unlike men who will scowl or even shout back if you curse them, women will break into a smile(!!!) when they hear the squeal of brakes and still continue to walk, without even lifting their eyes to see how close they actually came to being hit.

This haiku is dedicated to these multitudes of 2 legged speed-bumps:

"Woman giving embarassed smile,
If i didn't brake for you,
you would smile less."

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May 31, 2009

These Romans are crazy!

It has has been quite some time since my last-post and a lot has happended since, foremost amongst them being my descent deep into Coffee-country - in misty Veerarajendrapet, Coorg! (....on second thoughts, "ascent" would be more topographically appropriate)

Image shared by mudeth

So the next 3 years of posts come to you from Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, Veerarajendrapet...CIDS, Virajpet, where i am doing my Residency in Pediatric Dentistry.

It has been 11years(!!!) since i landed in Bangalore, so my relocation was looong overdue.....and the near-forgotten thrill of being in a new place amongst new people has resurfaced; and how! I daresay i realize how jaded Bangalore had got me, and my shift is like a shot of vim in the arm.

Living in Coorg feels different for sure, but i imagine that it could resemble life in Lutetia (know thy Asterix).... for here too, people love their 'wild boar' (a la Pandi Curry) and their 'magic-potion' (a la no-explanation-required) and have a healthy disregard for all things that aren't Kodava (a la these-outsiders-are-crazy). And they don't mind a rowdy bash-up once in a while too.

More later, can't see too well despite the sunny weather....mist rolling in, you see.

February 13, 2009

Postcard To Shri Mutalik

A little something i came up with as a mark of solidarity with the Pink Chaddi campaign

Since men can't contribute pink panties.... at least, not me anyway...

...and since there are no pink Frenchies being manufactured...

...and since any undergarment contributed by me would require, previous clearance from BARC before being mailed...

...and since i do not believe in Ted Kaczynski's methods, lol...

...and since i do believe that my "Primum non nocere" oath means something, no matter how bad the Bajrangi's get...


To do my bit, and chip in my share to this andholan, i thought i'd create my personal token of resistance.

With a little postcard - "To Sir, with love" :-)

January 12, 2009

Big Moon Rising

I'm pleased as punch with myself today!

While driving my bike yesterday evening, i was passing through the lonely stretch on the way home that has no buildings around, and has greenery on both sides of the road.

It was an empty road, and it must have been around 545~6pm... so the brightness of the afternoon-sun was still around, but without any of the harshness.

When i looked to my side i saw a fantastically large moon! Awesome moment then. A full moon too, and really bright, considering the time - I was immediately reminded of the 'Bruce Almighty'-scene where Jim Carrey uses his divine powers to "pull in" the moon, to set the mood for a romantic evening.

Anyway, i drove on past and didn't think to check out the moon again in the night.

Skip to today and i read this headline from a NASA site:
"Biggest Full Moon of the Year: Take 2"

There's a picture in the article that's very similar to the what i saw yesterday, to give you a better idea. Apparently, the moon was at it's Perigee yesterday.

I feel like patting myself on the head for being so "aware of my surroundings", and get lucky enough to notice a rare, beautiful moonrise. (I don't do that so often, so it's nice!)  I guess, a Zen-moment...on a well maintained motorbike. (LOLz!)
image from deansouglass
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