May 31, 2009

These Romans are crazy!

It has has been quite some time since my last-post and a lot has happended since, foremost amongst them being my descent deep into Coffee-country - in misty Veerarajendrapet, Coorg! (....on second thoughts, "ascent" would be more topographically appropriate)

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So the next 3 years of posts come to you from Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, Veerarajendrapet...CIDS, Virajpet, where i am doing my Residency in Pediatric Dentistry.

It has been 11years(!!!) since i landed in Bangalore, so my relocation was looong overdue.....and the near-forgotten thrill of being in a new place amongst new people has resurfaced; and how! I daresay i realize how jaded Bangalore had got me, and my shift is like a shot of vim in the arm.

Living in Coorg feels different for sure, but i imagine that it could resemble life in Lutetia (know thy Asterix).... for here too, people love their 'wild boar' (a la Pandi Curry) and their 'magic-potion' (a la no-explanation-required) and have a healthy disregard for all things that aren't Kodava (a la these-outsiders-are-crazy). And they don't mind a rowdy bash-up once in a while too.

More later, can't see too well despite the sunny weather....mist rolling in, you see.
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