January 12, 2009

Big Moon Rising

I'm pleased as punch with myself today!

While driving my bike yesterday evening, i was passing through the lonely stretch on the way home that has no buildings around, and has greenery on both sides of the road.

It was an empty road, and it must have been around 545~6pm... so the brightness of the afternoon-sun was still around, but without any of the harshness.

When i looked to my side i saw a fantastically large moon! Awesome moment then. A full moon too, and really bright, considering the time - I was immediately reminded of the 'Bruce Almighty'-scene where Jim Carrey uses his divine powers to "pull in" the moon, to set the mood for a romantic evening.

Anyway, i drove on past and didn't think to check out the moon again in the night.

Skip to today and i read this headline from a NASA site:
"Biggest Full Moon of the Year: Take 2"

There's a picture in the article that's very similar to the what i saw yesterday, to give you a better idea. Apparently, the moon was at it's Perigee yesterday.

I feel like patting myself on the head for being so "aware of my surroundings", and get lucky enough to notice a rare, beautiful moonrise. (I don't do that so often, so it's nice!)  I guess, a Zen-moment...on a well maintained motorbike. (LOLz!)
image from deansouglass
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