October 31, 2008

The World loves Democrat! McCain sucks donkey kong.

Fresh in Jen!...The world LOVES Sen. Barack Hussein Obama II... 'Obamania'is a global phenomenon!....The latest results from the globally subscribed poll conducted by the website "Iftheworldcouldvote.com" suggests that if the world really had a say in the electoral drama of the US, then Sen. McCain would be, sadly, left sucking Donkey Kong!..... and thats the news from me, Jen!
- Over aaand out!
At the time of voting on this website, created by an Icelandic Guy (where btw- 92.7% pro-Obama), the overall votes were a staggering 600,000 of which 522,000 were for Obama. Landslide eh? LOL!

The country-wise breakup of the polls shows some pretty nifty stuff....For instance:
  • Macedonia (erstwhile Yugoslavia) is the ONLY country with a clear McCain lean (84.3% at this time)....i couldn't really figure why.
  • Georgia too supports McCain (37.5%)... i guess since it better trusts the Reps to counter Mother Russia on the Abhkazia-issue.

  • Very interestingly, Iran has a 20% or 1-in-5 pro-McCain vote! LOL....bless those nuts. They prolly clicked the wrong button...
  • And understandably, Iraq is well...undecided (53.8%), more-or-less.
  • Afghanistan with all of it's 20 netizens (lol)....are a lot more clear minded....just 2 of them voted for McCain.

  • Our neighbours in Pakistan....and i was a bit surprised here....polled 71.2% Obama figures... Maybe it's the fact that Pakistan desperately needs the US $$$'s, which Obama is more inclined to spend....or maybe they just looked at his name - saw "Hussein" and Osabama and voted!...or maybe they reckon there'll be a lot less Predator-drones raining hell fire down on their sovereign territory, with Obama-babajaan in charge.

  • And then there's us - India - with a hahahahaa 99.9% pro-Obama choice!!!! (1471polls) Bigtime LOLz!!!! I bet the chap who contributed to the 1.471 (=0.1% votes) must have don't that shit just for kicks. Or just maybe, he's half-starjee-half-Vietnamese and his grand-dad was the VietCong volunteer who got caught doing the unmentionables with McCain at the Hanoi Hilton!!! Off-colour?...i noe, and i care.
PS: Och laddie! Now tha' s a BLUE map! Now we know a wee bit 'ow bad those poor RG-color blind sods 'ave it!
LINK: http://www.iftheworldcouldvote.com/


October 28, 2008

It's alive! It's ALIVE!!!

...*gasp*! That was a long time to go under!

India Counts
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