September 15, 2006

My Luck is a Hoover....It Sucks!

I just gave my Oral Surgery clinical exam…it went okayish.

And then I went and screwed myself.

Post-Exam, a couple of my friends, who had finished our viva’s went to the Canteen to do the post-exam post-mortem of how the exam had been for us and for the batch in general, how the External-examiner had turned out to be, how much the internal-had actually helped us, etc, etc...

We leisurely finished our grub and made our way back to the College, and I decided to clean up my locker, which was looking a bit messed up from the past week of exams.

Suddenly, two of the guys I had to gone to the Canteen with, and who are also my locker-neighbors, came running from the ground floor, with worried expressions on their faces.

“She knows what we’ve been talking about, man!!!”



“Ya, I don’t know how, da, but SHE KNOWS…she just shouted at us.”

“Shit!.............Are you sure?????”

“Yes, yes, we just GOT ITT from her!”

“What did she day?!”

“She said you’re not even Interns yet and this is how you behave!!!”


“She’s calling all of us.”

“Oh Fuck.”

“Oye….Have the marks been sent?”

“I think they’re still deciding…”

“Fuckkk.” (2 voices simultaneously)

“What were we saying da????!!!”

“We’re Fucked man, Fucked.”

“What were we saying DAA????!!!”

“Shit…I was saying ‘mangalore’ and all”

“I hope she didn’t hear me!”

“Go fuck yourself…she heard everything.”

“Shit, I said ‘unfair bitch’ daa!!!”


“Maga…we’re fucked!”

“Shit...why did we sit there man.”

“Are you sure she’s not normal-angry?”

“Aye, she just SHOUTED at us man!!!...She said ‘come after 6months’”


“Yeah- FUCK only!”

“Come lets go meet her.”

“Faaaaaaaak maaaaaaan”


“We’re screwed na?”




(EDIT: I re-read this article and realized there's nothing to suggest the setting in which this took place, so here it is:)
Our canteen is right behind the corridor lining the HOD's chambers, and the Oral Surg HOD's chamber opens right into the very corner of the canteen where we were sitting.

We had finished our viva and were sitting there. And they were inside hosting lunch for the external! Luckily our voices didn't carry much beyond the window....noone IN the room heard it, except our prof who was standing near the window itself. And we weren't talking very nice things about her!

We were summoned by her later and she gave us a piece of her mind....and we apologized profusely. Thankfully, we hadn't mentioned names so we palmed it off as if we were talking about another prof...(lol) which pacfied her a bit. And luckily I had only been asking the questions about her... all the dirt came from the others who were answering me.

Still, total tension till the results came!!!

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Vagula said...

dude....if that really happened...Im dying to know what happened next!!!!

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