October 19, 2006

Pune Trip

So i got back from my Pune-trip a few days back.

I had a really "wholesome"-holiday there!

a photo of Parwati Lake...what is now the Parwati Darshan area

There is a distinctly different vibe to the city....totally unlike Bangalore. Or maybe like the Bangalore of old- when Banagalore WAS still a 'Pensioners Paradise'.

Anyway Pune has its own sobriquet- 'Oxford of the East'. And its a moniker thats completely valid... coz it a SUCH a YOUNG-CITY! I mean it...It's like a Lord Of The Flies scene!

Whereever you look there's young-people.... And i dont mean chunnu-munnu's and age-29-not-old-by-oldies-standards-but-not-young-by-teen-standards crowd.... i mean College-going, Midriff-baring, Goatee-sporting 20-somethings.

The place is full of them...i mean...full of us!

(A few more praise posts on Pune coming up....)

pune university uilding

st.pauls church..still stands today shaniwarwada...peshwa dynasty

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