January 10, 2007

Think India...Think!

[Alternatively titled: Join the Klan, mein furher!]

I'm off to the Think India convention... from the 11th to the 13th.

Who'd have ever thought i'd ever go to an event organized by the ABVP! And not just visiting the place...Staying there! For 3 days...Christ!

I present several quotes from the "Think India" website:

"In the context of the present day degradation of the nation's social and moral values....."

"...ignite the minds of the youth..."

"...addressing the need of spirituality and patriotism..."

"... to trigger appropriate action on the part of 'intellectual soldiers' of our country..."

Also, a page describing the topics to be covered lists the very first topic as:

"Spiritual Nationalism"

(Love the wordsmiths who thought this term up...)

There's also an essay competition. The topics being:

"India as a nation: A SWOT assessment"

(attached text: SWOT: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats)

"Branding India to Indians"

(attached text: "...Account for the existing image of India and make out a case for its change in terms of... religion, democracy, in the coming years...")

"Role of students in campus and society"

(attached text: "...student activism as an asset to society and not a liability...")

"Spirituality, Society and Development: towards Synthesis."

Is it just me or did you just notice a pattern here??? :D

Lets just hope there isn't any lynching! click

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