January 2, 2007

Campfire New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!!

This year my SMS greetings to everyone read:
"Happy New Year! Have tonnes of fun and a grand year ahead.


We all met up at BMC-UGH (Bangalore Medical College Undergraduate Gents Hostel) and had a good old time. Campfire...on the roof (!!!), under the stars, with speakers hooked up to the plug-points from the rooms below us. It was a chilly night so having the fire was a really nice touch. Daaru was sponsored by us seniors, and the juniors joined us later too... some of the guys were real surprises, we never thought they'd drink, or smoke... when they did both, we were suitably impressed. At midnight, everyone broke into spontaneous hugging (lol)...me too. (I kinda sprained my back in the process...badly.)

At one point in the night, the fire had gone out and there were only glowing embers- Amit, a junior and a good friend, and yours truly, walked across.

The hostelites took to the streets outside hostel, stopping every vehicle and wishing them for the New Year. Imagine being stopped by 100 odd guys at night! Naturally, the drivers were bloody intimidated... you could tell, 'coz once they were through the crowd, they accelerated like crazy! This is a yearly event, and Part-2 of this is the Cops... who come to restore order, and drive us back into the hostel and shut the gates. Easier said than done - every year someone gets thwacked by the cops, and the guys then get quite aggressive... abusing the cops from behind the shutters and stuff. Phun!

We kept talking on the roof, and the guys kept fading away. Juniors first, then seniors, then some of my own batchmates, till we were down to 6 guys...talking philosophical stuff. That continued for a long time, and of the stuff that i do remember, some of what we said was pretty profound..i swear, the ghosts of Plato, Kant and Nietzsche were among us yesterday. We just kept going and going....till finally we just got too hungry, and i was sent to get some emergency grub. (from the bus-terminus)

I reached home at 430 in the morning...ripped the whole way, and i couldn't feel my fingers when i got off the bike. Spent New Year's morning in Church and the rest of the day at home, with the family...but i couldn't really take it beyond 1 in the afternoon and i crashed till 6pm. Plus my back was giving me hell.

I hate screechy, weepy children....that said, tomorrow, i start my Pedo rotation! Crappity crap! At least there'll be 2 other batchmates alongside, doing their roatation in Orthodontics. Also, 2 of the guys are off on outside-postings...lets hope the month turns out okay.

...lets hope the year turns out okay.

...as for New Year resolutions, this time i've made some. (I used to long ago, and not at all in between)

However, only when i actually break my resolutions will i actually reveal what they are...saves me some shame, i think.

God bless us all in 2007....this year is going to be an important year for me, lets hope i can live upto the expectations, my own, most of all.

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