February 16, 2007

AeroIndia 2007

(Suryakiran's paint the tricolor in the sky)

AeroIndia - India's only international Air Show, held at Air Force Station Yelahanka just got over (on the 11th). And this year was perhaps the biggest and best air-show till date.

The growth of the Indian aerospace industry, the Indian Airforce's thrust towards modernization, and the diplomatic 'fair weather' that India has been enjoying of late...all these put together brought some of the biggest and best aircraft-makers in the world to Bangalore.....foreign sellers who queued up to showcase their products.

(SKAT: SuryaKiran Aeronautical Team in action)

I'm sure a lot of good came from AeroIndia - whose prominence is growing steadily in the international circuit...and i'm sure a lot of business was done. However, as far as most of us were concerned... it was all about the aircraft on display.... which were...'da frikking bomb'!

(The lineup. What can you spot?)

The menu was absolutely mouth-watering.... the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F/A-18F Super Hornet, both here for the first time. The new thrust-vectoring Mig 29OVT (Mig-35) over from Russia. Our very own Sukhoi's...both Su-27 and Su-30MKI. The IAF's Aerobatic Team- The Suryakiran's. The Advanced Light Helicopter- Dhruv, the SAAB Gripen, the Light Combat Aircraft- Tejas, and the Chinook, the P3C Orion, C130 Hercules amongst others.

....the IL-76 wasn't the biggest guy on the block this time- it was the USAF's monstrous C-17 Globemaster.

I actually thought i'd outgrown the days when i used to slobber over pixellated wallpapers of military-aircraft on my desktop...but when i these pics, i started slobbering all over again, hehehe...

...and so for your slobbering-pleasure, i present, the aircraft of AeroIndia 2007. Yenjai!!!

(Refuelling over snow covered Russia)

(Skywards Mig-29)

(Mig-29's in close formation flight)

(Some actual pics from AeroIndia '07)

(The Mig-35 strutting its stuff...pulling a manouver known as a 'Tailslide')

(Same flight..moments before popping a 'Cobra'...damn! Those Ruskies know about thrust vectoring!)

(Lucky bastard...does this for a living!)

(The Tejas taxing before taking off)

(TD-2; Technology Demonstrator - 2 on Tarmac)

(Advaned Light Helicpoter - Dhruv, the Air Force version)

(Wow, near miss? Su-30MKI and Dhruv)

(IL-78MKI, Airborne refuelling tanker, based on the old IL-76)

(Good old Jaguar DARIN-II)

(The IAF's pride... the Su-30MKI goes airborne)

(Top Guns of the IAF - Squadron insignia - 28Sq "Lightnings" and 30Sq "Rhinos")

(This little bitch blew a tire while landing after a practice session)

(The Yanks' arrive: USAF F/A18C Hornet trying to patao us)

(This guy bought Corus..aand then... got invited to fly in the F-16!

Thats being fuck lucky!)

[And this is what he flew in, the Fighting Falcon...paki's have them :( ]

(The US Army Chinook chopper and the C-17 Globemaster)

(The BIG motha!..and Bangalore crowds)

(Lastly, the Swedish SAAB Gripen...contender v/s the Hornet for India's Medium Range fighter requirement)

(the usual IAF aircraft, were, obviously on display...the Mi-26, Mi-8, the Chetak, the Cheetah, the An-32, the monstrous Tu-142, the new Embraer-135 business jets for the President, the IL-76, the IL-78 tanker, the Jaguar JS-210 DARIN-II, the Mirage 2000H...so i'm not posting them)

(notable other mentions: the BAE Hawk, HAL's wierd reverse-prop driven Saras, the Dassault Falcon business jet...which are pretty sloppy to look at, ergo, no pics of these either)

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