February 16, 2007

Sania Mirza at 1130pm, ha!

The Sony Ericsson International Tennis Open is currently going on in the city. Serena Williams was due to play...but she isn't well (Delhi-belly, i think) and so won't be playing. The only player of note, and i'm cringing while i say this, is Sania Mirza... Who' as i type this blog, has cleared the opening round of the Doubles tourney.

A few of my classmates went to see her first-round match....at the

Karnataka Lawn Tennis Association's stadium in Cubbon Park...the

opening match was held at 1130pm. That's right...1130pm, at night.

Apart from 4 women on the tennis court, the ENTIRE stadium was filled

with guys....most of them holding up cell phones, to show their friends

back in college, like me, every gravity defying bounce of Sania's

funbags. I saw the clips on my friends phone, and whoa...she's toned

and stacked. Good combo. And her sister is pretty hot too!

Sania at the Bangalore Open in 2006

She's currently WTF Rank 40 (Singles)...

...and WTF Rank 37 (Doubles).

Highest ever ranking 31 (Singles), 37 (Doubles)

Thank god she's stopped wearing those bloody retardo T-Shirts!!!!

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