December 20, 2006


Alternatively titled: The past 2 months

Finally i'm an House-surgeon! A bonafide, genuine, authentic one. It's been a back breaking journey so far... lets hope there's truth in the saying "The best steel passes thorough the hottest fires".


Internship began and my first rotation was in K.C General Hospital, Malleshwaram. What an awesome posting to begin with- close to home, enter upto 45mins late, leave 30mins early, interesting work, nice people and a totally cool Staff Doctor to oversee our work. We couldn't have had it better. Our seniors, the outgoing batch of Housies were posted with us too, and they kind of 'handed over' things to us. And thank god they were around- they were at the end of a full year of clinical-rotations and always knew exactly what to do when. Their presence was very reassuring and it allowed us to build up our own confidence levels to 'intern-level'. I've now realized that being an Intern is all about having faith in your own the same thing old thing, but do it with confidence. Although, its scary as hell when youre testing out your abilities for the first time.


I'm currently posted in the Dept. of Operative Dentistry Endodontics, also known as 'Conserv' (U.G speak) or 'Endo' (P.G speak). No seniors now to help us. Since only so few of us came out of the end of the Final Year pipe, there are only 2 of us to a single batch....when a usual Inter-batch has a minimum of 4 Interns. So me and my permanent batch-mate, Gunjan, are doing double the work that an Intern Batch usually would in the same time. We're sweating blood. But we're learning loads. Thankfully, our efforts aren't in vain; people are aware that we are
are working sincerely. At the end of a hard day...i swear to you, it feels great to be exhausted!

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