December 26, 2006

Rocking around the Christmas tree.....

X'mas this time was really fantastic! Well, Christmas-eve to be exact.... This time the party was at my place, so being home alone for X'mas turned out to be a super thing! The guys descended on home-sweet-empty-home at around 7pm, and proceeded to go progressively insane till the wee hours of the night.

Though the party was a tad slow initially, we were in high-spirits real no small part due to the intercession of my favourite holy man- the Old Monk from Mohan Meakin, who did his job flawlessly after 7years of hermitage in a cask. Also deserving accolades for its role in fuelling the party- The Pig; that martyred itself to provide Vindaloo for the sake of 12 famished dentists....

The grumpy neighbours shut up and put up too, which was a pleasant surprise. (Maybe we got them grooving inside their homes...after all we were playing some pretty dinchak music!)

Aqua vitae flowed, shirts came off, we swore by our friendships everytime we crashed into someone, someone threw up, someone took pictures, someone danced, someone shouted, someone got senti, someone watched my mpeg collection, everyone had a sexy time. By the time it we wound up, we were all just a bunch of phenomenally happy guys with glazed eyes and delayed reaction times....good vibes all around! Really, an X'mas (eve) i'll remember.

God bless the baker's at Thoms for their excellent Plum Cake!
God bless the distillers at United Breweries for their outstanding firewater!
God bless my liver for working extra-hard to spare me from a hangover!

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