December 26, 2006


Yesterday i actually saw the V-Rod while driving home. 2 superbikes infact, driving together, near Coles Park....

One of the bikes was a Ducati Monster (i've seen this one quite a few times on the roads, so there must be a few in Bangalore), though it really didn't do much for me since the Monster is quite old (90's) and moreover i don't fancy the whole Naked Bike-look anyway.

But the V-Rod....whoa! I never thought i'd see a Harley Davidson on Indian Roads, so the V-Rod was really awesome. You really have to see the engine! It's phenomenal! Huge chrome everywhere and a incredibly THICK rear wheel! No trademark sound though....thanks to the bloody Monster idiot who drowned out the V-Rod.

Anyway, if you haven't seen the V-Rod, here are 2 pics....and if you have, here are 2 pics.

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