May 21, 2006

To reserve or not to reserve?

Am I For or Against the changes in the reservation policy?

I sat down to answer to myself where I stood on this issue, after watching 2 debates on CNN IBN (moderated horribly by that damn Sagarika Ghose woman) and another on Headlines Today.

I’ve been feeling a bit muddled in my head about where I actually stand, and so I decided to make up my mind on an issue that not only is bound to affect my education in the future, but also in the immediate present is an important issue.

The fact that I am a Merit student in a Govt. institution makes it all the more necessary to crystallize my views on the subject. And then on top of all that, I am a member of the Medical-fraternity that is leading the protests. And that too in a college that is actively involved in the whole thing.

While thinking about where I would stand, I realized I had some ideals that I was not willing to compromise on, namely:
  • The country must progress at all costs.
  • It is not progress if it remains concentrated to a section of society.
  • Although uniform progress for all is a utopian ideal, it is not unreasonable to expect that SOME progress must be felt amongst all, no matter what magnitude the change may be to different sections of society.
  • No one section must be unfavourabely depreived of the chance to improve according to their potential, no matter which end of the spectrum they come from.
Im still thinking about it...

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