May 24, 2006

But I felt bad??!

Things i found funny today:

The CNN IBN Rakhi Savant Interview:
Interviewer: Do you think the songs you do are vulgar?
Rakhi Sawant: NO! Jo log uss nazar sey dekhe hain unhe vulgar lagta hain. Vaise to mere costumes bahut glamorous hain.
(ok, video ho we believe you)

And then...

Manu Sharma's (Jessica Lal's now-acquitted killer) 6page hand written FRIKKING CONFESSIONAL goes like this:

"I reached Qutub Colonnade at around 11.30 pm along with Vikas Yadav, Amandeep Gill and Alok Khanna. We were already a ‘peg' down. A Thursday party was on and about 300 people were present. At around 2 am, I went to the restaurant inside and asked for more whisky"
"Malini Ramani, Jessica Lall and five to six people were standing there, they told me the whisky is finished. I felt bad. I took out my pistol and fired one bullet at the ceiling and another at Jessica Lall which hit her above her left eye. There was a great commotion. Somehow I managed to reach Tony Gill's place where Vikas Yadav and Alok Khanna were also present..."

"I felt bad".

"I felt bad"?????
"I felt bad"!!!!!!!

After reading that, i had a good laugh.
Then- i felt bad.

Today i carved a great amalgam! Ridge/Fossa/Cusp/Groove...all there.

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