May 26, 2006

Even more Quota thoughts

Flaws in the Mandal Commission Report:

  • Flaw1: Obsolete Figures
    • Figures on which the Mandal Commision's reports were based date back to the 1931 census(!!) report.
  • Why?
    • Because, beyond 1931, the National Census was not carried you along Caste lines. So a 1979 survey used pre-independance data.
  • So?
    • This renders the current implementation of these proposals as illogical and unreasonable.

  • Flaw2: OBC's? What OBC's!
    • The Mandal Commission mistook the Backward Classes and created an artificial group called OBC's.
  • So?
    • Despite the incompleteness of the data, the study, the analysis the commission grouped some 3700 castes as OBC's and recommended 27% reservation of educational seats and Govt. jobs.
  • Huh?
    • This unstructured and un-scientific study ended up including some of the most powerful and prosperous castes as OBS: the Yadavs of U.P & Bihar, the Meenas of Haryana & Rajasthan, the Kurmis & Koeris of U.P and, the Telugu Chettiars of A.P & Karnataka.. the Vokkaligas and Gowda's of Karnataka. (complete list here)

  • Flaw3: OBC's are WHAT percentage?!!!!
    • There is no definitive demographic evidence of the percentage that OBC's constitute.
  • What?
    • These are all official Govt. figures:
    • Mandal Commission: 52% (after a 2yr investigation: 1st Jan 1979 to 30th Dec 1980)
    • National Family & Health Survey: 29.8%
    • National Sample Survey Organization: 32%....(Latest)
  • So?
    • The latest figures (NSSO figures) show that 23.5% of all Univ. seats are already with OBC's...just 8.5% lesser than the NSSO's OBC-calculation.
  • Huh?
    • So what this means is that, all the current attempt to increase quotas will only be to compensate for the 8% left out. This would be classic over-representation.

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