December 16, 2008

Casefile: Badass Dentist

Here's a real qualifier for the Dental Infamy-files:

Dentist 'attacks patient, steals her teeth'

"....According to police, the dentist knocked on the woman's door before forcing her into her living room where she was tied up.

He then allegedly forced her mouth open and extracted the $700 dental work her insurance company had refused to pay for..."
Who's fault was it? - Looking at the big picture, i'm gonna say it was not the dentist (no surprise). It was the insurance company. Who knows better about the best choices for a patient? - a dentist or a claims-approver.

India, thankfully still hasn't acquired the HMO/Dental Insurance-culture of countries like the US, UK and Australia - but it's coming. It's already here with Medicine, and look at the practice-models that have sprung up as a result.
(There's really a lot of things we shouldn't be copying from the West - and one biggie is their Healthcare-system - it has a lot wrong with it. We're not too far along the road, and it's best we course-correct now before we end up in the mess that follow these systems. We need to be lowering financial thresholds to quality-healthcare, and not excluding patients by raising them, especially in a country with so many poor-as-well-as-unhealthy people.)

Yeniway, Wow! Talk about talent! He got the bridge off in the middle of a living-room! Skillz!!!

"Open ze mouth! OPEN ZE MOUTTH! Sie haben gefickt mit dem falschen Zahnarzt!"

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