December 13, 2008


3 recent news-reports have given me the hebegeebees! I don't know why, but they came along the news in a particularly evil chronology. Each event was bad enough in itself - but the sequence in which they got reported somehow, unfortunately, registered to my mind (damn it) and now it's stuck there - giving me hell.

Article One - Turns out, don't ask how, that i'm connected to this Indian-guy by just 2 degrees of separation! (Whats that?)
Article Two - Damn, it happened to a Dentist!!! By a Dentist!!! and with a Bard Parker blade! Thats sharrrrp!

Then came along article 3, which reinforced everything wrong with the first two articles!

Article Three - Indian! and Ouch!

(Not to mention the fact that for the past 2 days, my part of town has seen one act of burglary+arson, one act of suicide, and one act of seems like everytime i open the paper my eyes automatically get drawn to "Hennur"/"Kammanahalli" and there's something horrible about the article.)

BTW, here's a Bard Parker blade for you - enjoy!... if you're a guy - shudder now!

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