December 20, 2008

The I.S.I. Anthem (singalong)

To be sung to the tune of "My Favourite Things" from The Sound Of Music:
(Original lyrics here. Vid here.)

"The ISI Anthem"
- by Tragicomix

Passports and SIM cards and men-in-the-middle,
Fake notes and small boats sent over to fiddle,
Youths from our new camps all ready to thrill,
and run up a body-count just like in Kill Bill.

Rum pum pum, rum pum pum,
Rum pa pa pum

Rangers in mufti and winters in Kargil,
C-4 in car-bombs for the mission in Kabul,
talking of 'freedom' from the mouth of a gun,
Sleeper-cells waking for a suicide mission.


'Infils' at midnight and postures on primetime,
bailouts from the U.S. in financial down-times,
media-management down to an art,
any serial-bombings where we don't have a part?


When the world bleeds...
and Wahhabi's...
rub their hands in glee...
We look at each other straight in the eye,
'coz we are the I.S.I!!!


Violating ceasefires and firing on frontlines,
working with neighbours to exploit their fault-lines,
soldiers and fishermen locked up in jails,
Nukes for the selling by 'scientific males'.

(Humming) Rum pum pum, rum pum pum,
Rum pa pa pum

Coups and Dictators - we're known as King-makers,
Yanks think we're helping, though we're really just fakers,
spies in Kathmandu and shelling in Leh,
and homestays for fidayeen in PoK.


Links with Al Queda and deals with red-China,
hunting for Talibs - though we once were their trainers,
agents in Dhaka and dons in Mumbai,
we'll never let go - it's too much of a high.


When we kill men...
and the world bends...
when we 'chieve our ends...
We look at each other - one man to man
'coz we rule in Pakistan!

(repeat and fade)

The original song (Lyrics here):
The Sound Of Music - My Favourite Things

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